I enjoy writing about and with others.
Many friends have let me share their stories.
They have inspired me, and I am sure they will give you a lift and maybe offer a life lesson.

Henry Adair Because of you, Henry Adair
Longtime Anderson District 5 educator.

ASD Anderson School of Dance Keep Dancing
My daughter took dance from Anderson School of Dance.  Not only did it develop a talent, ASD instilled an attitude of perseverance.

Ann Blair Plant More Flowers
Ann Blair is a second mother to me. She has known me since birth.  Her story of unselfish love and generosity paints a picture of the Holy Sprit.  Do you question why there is evil and what we should do about it? Read what people say about her.

Ed Brown Because He Lives
Written in memory of my father, Ed Brown, who passed away Christmas Eve, 2014.  His favorite hymn was Because He Lives, and he lived life abundantly.
Ed Brown What Will They Say?
My father touched many lives, and on his 80th birthday (also his last on earth), we celebrated his life of service and friendship.

Sheila Brown Hands
Written in honor of my mother, Sheila Brown, whose illness has been a teacher of God's comfort.

Susi Brown Sister
I have been lucky enough to have a sister who looks after me.  We have held each other through laughter and tears.  The pictures for this poem are of the many sisters I have the privilege of knowing.

Troy Brown My People
Like me, my grandfather, Troy Brown, was proud of his Cherokee heritage. His youngest son, my uncle Jim Brown, shared his parents' heritage with me.

Sally Carpenter Sally, Her Children Call Her Giggy and Watch Her Serve
I've known Sally Carpenter for thirty years, and like her family, I've watched her serve God through our church, Concord Baptist, without fanfare.  Her dedication to her own family as well as her church family illustrates humble, tireless service.

Concord Baptist Church Friday Morning Bible Study Group Meet the Moorites
Every Friday morning, I meet and study with my Moorites.  We named ourselves that because we've grown to enjoy Beth Moore Bible Studies.  We are diverse group who learn from each other.

David Crawford More Than Self: A Soldier
He is my cousin.  He is my friend.  He is like a brother.  David Crawford, retired Army Sergeant, served the United States of America sacrificially, and I believe we owe our freedom to men like him.

Allie Mae, Mama, Cromer Mama Cromer
Mama Cromer is the mother and grandmother to a few of my closest friends.  Her 102 years on earth were an example of Proverbs 31.  Her granddaughter, Amanda Vickery, wrote a wonderful story about Mama Cromer, and I urge you to read and be touched.

David Glymph A Daddy
Recognize the last name? David is my husband and was/is a better daddy to my children than I could have ever dreamed.

Hope Glymph There Is Hope
Recognize the last name? Hope Glymph is my daughter, and this is a story about her name and a little bit about her.

Billy Graham A Fish out of Water
This isn't a story of his life but rather a story of a life he touched, Steve McQueen, and how Rev. Graham didn't limit his influence to those in his inner circle; instead, he reached people from every walk of life.

Eddie Hamby Always on Call
This is written in memory of Eddie Hamby, a retired Anderson County deputy and Army veteran.  His car was a comfort to our neighborhood, Regency Park.  His family and former Sherriff, John Skipper, helped me write this.

Lewis and Audrey King The Stories of My Life, Curtesy of Lewis and Audrey King
My Daddy Luke and Grandmother King were a treat to all who knew them. They provided me with wonderful childhood memories I often share.

King Women Laughing, Loving and Learning at the Table.
Let me introduce you to my King family.  Most of the King women reside in Clinton, South Carolina and we meet annually for a fun (understatement) day of fruit cake baking, talking, gift giving, and embellished story telling.

Glenda Brown Knox Loose Track of Time
This is written in memory of my aunt, Glenda Kay Brown Knox (I am named after her), who left us much too early.  It is also a question of what heaven is like.  The answer is simple.  I have no idea, but I do not what will not be there.

Diane Leary Don't Turn This Down
I have been friends with the Leary family for over thirty years. She is a mother, grandmother (Mimi), and great-grandmother who still cooks for her family, a rarity today.  No one turns down her cooking. Find out what that has to do with Jesus' teaching.

Mark Madden 2 Words to Live By
Mark Madden wrote 2 Words to Live By, and honestly, there is not a person alive that would not benefit from this simple, timeless book of practical advice.

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