Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Makes No Sense

Traveling by car, I lounge back in sweat pants and no shoes with prized possessions (books, snacks, and whatever else no matter what size) within arm's reach for my traveling pleasure. There's laughing and singing any time I please.  So needless to say, I hate to fly.  There's measurements, weigh-ins, scans, shoes in a tray, pat downs for pre-boarding then another line, a tiny seat, and do not disturb others on the plane. That's the hassle of flying.

Tim King
The worrying begins about a week prior to the hassle. Flying makes no sense to me.  I'm not a bird. I don't have wings.  I'm not supposed to be up here amid the clouds. It isn't natural being in a 350,000 pound metal contraption that somehow rumbles, shakes and lifts to 35,000 feet going 550mph IN THE SKY while being controlled by a normal, everyday human, who was once a wild and crazy teenage guy and perhaps an even wild and crazier adult guy.

Makes no sense.  How can this heavy thing stay up for hours?  All that fuel, all those bags, all these people up here watching a movie like it's normal to be flying. You'd think I'd feel more at ease, though, with the safety demo.  "If you're sitting near an exit, please read the manual.  If you CANNOT FULFILL YOUR DUTIES, please notify an attendant."  If MY duties require understanding this manual with a picture of a woman looking distressed, yet not a hair out of place and dress still below her knees, floating in the ocean, I'll need a runner up. 

My kids? They're looking out the window excitedly taking pictures, watching movies, playing games. "You want to see?"  NO, I'm good.  I'd rather not see that I, a mere mortal, am flying above the Grand Canyon, where even the happy Brady Bunch had trouble.

aircraft landing in
San Francisco
Once settled, I forget I'm not a bird and quickly peek out the window.  Not thinking about Makes No Sense, I read or write comfortably.  Then the unsettling turbulence, the horrible pain in my ears, or landing at 120mph over the dramatic, chilly San Francisco Bay reminds me that it makes no sense; I'm not supposed to be up here, but there's soon calm or stable ground, and I'm fine. 

Big Sur, California
California! Truly Golden.  An amazing place to visit.  We could've spent four days driving there and back and miss either Sierra Nevada's grand Sequoias, Big Sur's majestic mountains resting at the Pacific Ocean, or San Francisco's enormous Golden Gate.  Instead, we flew and experienced over 1,000 miles of unforgettable landscape.  

Sequoia Nation Park
But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.  John 14:26 NKJ

Yosemite Nation Park
A man walking on water, living in a fish's belly, or rising from death makes about as much sense as a virgin birth or a talking donkey.  And this worries so many.  I'll admit, I question it, too, and have considered having no part in believing because it MAKES NO SENSE. Here is an option. Peter was only a man, so I'll have no part of faithfully looking to a Master and conquering fear.  Virgins don't conceive, so I'll have no part of a Prince of Peace.  Jesus was a great teacher, but crucified men who are left dead don't walk around talking and loving, so I'll have no part of a Friend of sinners whispering my name so beautifully that my broken heart leaps for joy.

Susi Brown
very comfortable
I have no idea how this 250,000 lbs. metal contraption holds us in the air, but the pilot, flight attendants, and engineers know and understand its power.  My sister, Susi, is a flight attendant.  She's flown for 25 years and is familiar with the aircraft that makes no sense to me.  She doesn't think about the airworthiness of the plane.  Her focus is passenger safety.  She trains other attendants to look for safety issues and makes sure every passenger has the best chance of survival.

Susi (middle) & US Airways
At the airport, I watched an airport employee, ugly blue tie flapping in the wind, talking to an orange vest dude and pointing under the plane.  I imagined him saying, "there's a big hole directly under seat 27B." However, all the beauty I saw and the fun I experienced was worth it, and I would do it again.

Mission Santa Barbara
I can miss hundreds of life saving verses of truth because a few of them make no sense to me.  Or here's another option. I can simply read, listen and become so familiar and comfortable that I understand I'm held up every day by the beautiful power of the Holy Spirit. 


Bixby Bridge
Pacific Coast Hwy
Big Sur, California

That makes perfect sense to me,