Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Satan's Spork

I've had enough.  For three years, I've eaten my Bojangles' Bo-Berry biscuits with a spork, but that ended Saturday when I took matters into my own hands, literally, with an actual fork, my own fork I brought from home.  If they can't decide which is best, the spoon or the fork, for their biscuits, rice, beans, or anything else, I'll decide for them.  I know, Bojangles', the combination of spoon and fork is easier, less expensive, but that's not the point, pun intended.  The point? There are times you need a spoon.  There are times you need a fork.

Many like the spork. It's a spoon and a fork, so when they make a mess of the biscuit with the tiny brittle tongs, the spoon scoops up all the broken pieces.  I don't care. To me, it's neither a spoon nor a fork.  Some think it's no big deal.  Some, like my friends Patricia and Alice, are probably tired of me complaining about the spork every Saturday.  They're probably thinking, "just eat your Bo-Berry biscuits and hush."  Call me crazy, and many do, but I simply don't like the struggle, the "which way do I turn this thing?" the "this biscuit is hard, why do I have a spoon?" and the "I need longer, stronger, more definite tongs for this."  

Maybe because I'm left-handed, I blame everything on that, but I'm ususally indecisive, so I should like the spork.  In fact, I often wonder if the spork was invented by some indecisive left-hander like me thinking she was creative.   

I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold.  I wish that you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! Revelation 3:15-16

This verse bothered me and had my name written on it for decades.  Like the waters in Laodicea, smelly and distasteful, I was lukewarm, religious but not spiritual, knowledgeable of but not faithful to Christ.  

This kind of life is a struggle, full of uncertainty.  Satan loves this kind of life.  When we need to be stronger and more definite, he offers "this will do, no need to look for strength." When we need to know which way to turn, he presents an "either way" option.  When life is hard, which is always, he offers "just be indecisive, that's half useful."

God, on the other hand, wants us to be with Him. Because life is hard, He wants to be our strength. When we don't know which way to turn, His Word is definite, and we either believe Him or not.  When our life is a mess, when we're vulnerable, God is a great comfort and knows how to hold every piece of our brokenness. 

It's a decision we make.  Is our zeal for Christ apparent?  When others see us struggling, because we all do, where do they see us go for strength? Are we indefinite? A spork? Or, Are we clearly followers?