Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Live Like Royalty


Will, Kate, and heir to
the throne
Happy Birthday, Prince George!  I don't normally follow royalty but can't resist this adorable, chubby cheeked prince, and July 22, 2014 is his first birthday.  Imagine the princely party that will surely define his monumental day: inflatable rides, a petting zoo, a magician, a puppet show or will Kate and Will go with an elaborate 7 course dinner with the royal family?  Nope. Rumor says the popular couple will celebrate Prince George's 1st birthday with a low-key private tea-party at either Kensington Palace or Windsor Castle with LOTS OF CAKE, a valid reason to like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

What about a gift for the future monarch? I guessed a golden rocking horse, a 3,000 square foot brick play house, or a mini coupe.  Those are certainly gifts fit for a prince; however, Kate and Will prefer more personal, less expensive items like a scrapbook of his 1st year or more stuffed animals, his favorite, to fill his two nurseries. They also encourage donations to charities. That sounds like gifts for a commoner with only one nursery, but the Royal Mint announced the release of a £ 5 coin to commemorate the sweet royal cuteness. Hopefully, they'll capture every minute of the celebration and post hundreds of official princely face-in-the-cake photographs on the internet.  

James 10th bd
Why did I expect an over the top celebration? Probably because that's the American child's birthday party. We order the expensive cake,  reserve Frankie's Fun Park or Sky Zone, buy more electronics, and invite as many kids as possible. I know because I've done this.  I'm not being critical.  It's a birthday, CELEBRATE!

Luke 5th bd
Precious Prince George's birthday probably isn't a big deal to most Americans.  We don't have a king, a prince (except for the artist formally known as), or a queen and don't need one.  We live like royalty. Not the entire population, of course, but I'll guess that the majority of my readers live in a nice air-conditioned house, operate a smart phone, have plenty of food, own a car, afford vacations, and holiday shop til they drop. We don't need to be royal to throw special parties or live more than comfortably, but this hasn't always been the case.

And it is one of King David’s descendants, Jesus, who is God’s promised Savior of Israel! Acts 13:23 NLT
The lives of average first century Jews living under Roman rule were lives of oppression and sometimes physical abuse by Roman soldiers. They longed for a righteous King like David to rescue them from the Roman leaders who were viewed as gods.
We live life to the fullest, but centuries ago, they lived to survive. In some cultures, you were considered either royalty or nothing, often living a difficult, meaningless existence.  The lifestyle and privilege of being included in the king's court was such a contrast to common life that men sold their souls, murdered, and offered their daughters as mistresses for royal favor.
Hope 6th bd

The quotation "Then let them eat brioche (cake)," was attributed (although never documented) to France's Queen Marie Antoinette during her husband Louis XVI's reign and was a response to poverty showing their selfishness and oblivious attitude to the people.  Heir to the throne was a life to be envied. It meant your existence was important. 
Now you are no longer a slave but God’s own child. And since you are his child, God has made you his heir. Galatians 4:7
Why do we need to be heirs? Our lives are fine. We live like royalty to be envied with prestigious careers, social lives, and restaurants anxious to please, yet so many walk around with empty souls because without the King of Kings we feel common and unimportant. Outwardly, we seem royal, but without the King of Kings our lives are meaningless. Christ left His heavenly throne to show us how to live as heirs of God's glory. His kingdom isn't of wealth or prestige; in fact, with one unplanned event, those earthly idols fade.  Where are we then? Hopefully, we're heirs experiencing never fading mercy, love, and peace in a kingdom where our souls are well regardless of our earthly status. We're heirs with hearts important to our King, living meaningful, uncommon lives.  

King Ludwig of Germany
bedroom in Linderhof castle
Accept your place as a child of the King of Kings,