Friday, April 27, 2018

Did You Know? The History of Coffee

Pious Ethiopian monks centuries ago,
Did you know
The berries you ate, after which you stayed awake 
With vigor and spark
Would pour into my cup, so rich and dark?

Devout Arabians, the potent alcoholic drink your foe,  
Did you know
The beans you roasted, ground, and boiled
And called Kahweh 
Would heat a ceramic cup, bring warmth to me?

Eager Venetian trader, traveling a northern road,
Did you know
The magic drink you introduced to Europe’s 
Rebirthed minds, old and young
Would touch my lips, please my tongue?

Clever Dutch adventurer, whose soul stooped low,
Did you know
The tree you stole, the plantation that started
On a Pacific shore, away from frost
Would open my eyes, awaken my thoughts?

Greedy French naval officer, a fruitful crop to sow,
Did you know
The tree you took to the Caribbean, closer to the dimly lit shop
Warm and comfortable, where I spend my day,
Would stir up memories, help me know what to say?

Crafty military aide, to Brazil you did go,
Did you know
The branch you snuck, the industry that grew
Around the world, the powerful aroma for my readers to smell,
Would seize their senses, strengthen the stories I tell?

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